About Us

Who is DSS?

  • After 4 years of market research, development, and testing, DSS was founded in 2004
  • Founded by two engineers, one professional operation officer joined in 2005
  • 60+ years of automotive business experience
  • 35+ years of distribution leadership
  • 40+ years of management experience
  • Headquartered in Atlanta, GA
  • Member of AAIA, AIA(ACA) Since year of 2007

What Does DSS Do?

DSS engineers, researches, designs, develops and distributes the highest quality CV Axles and Drive Shafts for the Aftermarket.

What types of vehicles use DSS?

  • Passenger cars
  • Race cars
  • Light duty trucks
  • ATVs
  • Electric cars

How Does DSS Approach Design?

  • Highest Quality: Only provider of OEM or higher standard parts in the aftermarket
  • Widespread coverage: Cover over 95% of vehicles on the road
  • Ability to Specialize: Experts in Euro luxury car parts
  • First to Market: Lead market in developing parts within 2-4 years of vehicle’s release
  • Uniquely: Supply hard to get parts on demand
  • Distinctive: High Performance CV Axles/Drive shafts/ATVs

How Does DSS Ensure Quality?

  • DSS works exclusively with manufacturing facilities that are verified to be the highest quality OEM equivalent or higher
  • Manufacturing facilities are certified by: ISO/IEC 17025/ISO 9001/ISO/TS 16949
  • Manufacturing facilities utilize self-owned nationally certified testing lab to independently run QA testing for parts and materials
  • Manufacturing facilities adopt top-of-the-line and up to date of Germany, Japan, and USA made machines & equipment for all manufacturing and measurements
  • Manufacturing facilities employ well-trained, skilled, and stable workers on production line.